A quick glance at my life in O levels

As I entered into my O levels the thought that I am grown up filled strange sort of euphoria in me. I would now have a proper sort of a degree after it. Since here in my country we do olevels in three years for 8 subjects the first year was pretty much dedicated to the fun with friends BUT year 2 and 3 was stressing.. The time you realize that the grades you will get you have to work by yourself and everyone has to do individual effort. 
One thing I hated about Olevels was that people lie! yeah girls do.. If you ask them how much did you study yesterday the most common answer was ”nothing man seriously” which was a white lie.. It was in year 3 that i took some acadmies for help and so workload increased like hell..I had my first breakup during year 3 too and since it happened during my final CIE exams it effected my performance in the exam as well :/
Looking at the brighter side I made plenty of friends! Bunking classed , pranks with them and on them and all those fun things that a teenage girl might do was my life in that time..

Now as my Alevel starts most my friends are leaving for different schools..Its saddening.. Those people,those friends who became family is now breaking up.. But I am happy that it means a new beginning a new life is about to unfold.
But not to forget the O level result is about a month away. Wish me luck 🙂

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