Give me a break!

Ever had this feeling when you want to be all alone with no one bugging you with his tantrums and you have to listen because you have to be nice. Image
The moment when you want to switch off your  phone because you getting a pile of texts from your friends like ‘hey wassup?’ ‘ whats going on dude’ ‘ hey,hows life’ and you feel like SHUT UP! and pretend to them the next day that you did were either busy or never got the text at all. Because its better not to tell the real story.
And once you switch off your phone or stop replying to texts the next target is your Facebook ID. ‘Hey dude check inbox’ ‘ Why are you not replying?‘ and so you decide to deactivate it. *sigh of relief* and just then the house’s telephone rings DAMMIT and so you cannot run from it. 

I know its nice that people care about you but I think everyone needs some time to take a breath. I call it my off mode when I do not open Facebook and throw my phone away for a while and be alone with myself for a while. Thats when I look back at my life, try to learn from my mistakes and plan for my future. Believe me everyone needs a break for themselves 🙂




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