Its Fun To Be Home Alone Sometimes!

My parents had to go out of station this weekend to my uncle’s place and that meant FREEDOM 😀 atleast for two days!
Not that my parents are strict or whatever but still it meant nobody would call on me to do house chores or turning down the volume of the television or to go study!
I am having the time of my life enjoying by myself in the messy house which I will probably clean up an hour before my parents come back 🙂
Its really a time of peace to do whatever I like to do at the moment. Although my parents would probably call me again and again during the day just to ask whether I am okay or not because parents are parents! I will stay up all night to watch Vampire Diaries Season 4 and I am so excited to watch consecutive episodes without interruptions. And I have couple of movies downloaded so I will have an extremely relaxing weekend. Cheers 🙂

Give me a break!

Ever had this feeling when you want to be all alone with no one bugging you with his tantrums and you have to listen because you have to be nice. Image
The moment when you want to switch off your  phone because you getting a pile of texts from your friends like ‘hey wassup?’ ‘ whats going on dude’ ‘ hey,hows life’ and you feel like SHUT UP! and pretend to them the next day that you did were either busy or never got the text at all. Because its better not to tell the real story.
And once you switch off your phone or stop replying to texts the next target is your Facebook ID. ‘Hey dude check inbox’ ‘ Why are you not replying?‘ and so you decide to deactivate it. *sigh of relief* and just then the house’s telephone rings DAMMIT and so you cannot run from it. 

I know its nice that people care about you but I think everyone needs some time to take a breath. I call it my off mode when I do not open Facebook and throw my phone away for a while and be alone with myself for a while. Thats when I look back at my life, try to learn from my mistakes and plan for my future. Believe me everyone needs a break for themselves 🙂




Sometimes It’s The Hardest Thing To Say

reality check

Defining Wonderland

Kid Says No

When we were young, particularly during those Terrible Twos, we learned to stand our ground and not yield to every request that came our way.  We turned our noses at anything green on our plates.  We ran the other way when it was bedtime, bath time, or homework time.  We refused to make our bed and put our toys away.

We said no.

As we got older, something happened and we began to accept things that our toddler selves would never have tolerated.  We tried new foods and learned that maybe we were wrong about what we originally rejected.  We stuck to the daily routine of sleep, bathing, and work schedules, whether we liked them or not.  We washed dishes, dusted furniture, and vacuumed, even if we hated every minute.

We stopped saying no.

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A quick glance at my life in O levels

As I entered into my O levels the thought that I am grown up filled strange sort of euphoria in me. I would now have a proper sort of a degree after it. Since here in my country we do olevels in three years for 8 subjects the first year was pretty much dedicated to the fun with friends BUT year 2 and 3 was stressing.. The time you realize that the grades you will get you have to work by yourself and everyone has to do individual effort. 
One thing I hated about Olevels was that people lie! yeah girls do.. If you ask them how much did you study yesterday the most common answer was ”nothing man seriously” which was a white lie.. It was in year 3 that i took some acadmies for help and so workload increased like hell..I had my first breakup during year 3 too and since it happened during my final CIE exams it effected my performance in the exam as well :/
Looking at the brighter side I made plenty of friends! Bunking classed , pranks with them and on them and all those fun things that a teenage girl might do was my life in that time..

Now as my Alevel starts most my friends are leaving for different schools..Its saddening.. Those people,those friends who became family is now breaking up.. But I am happy that it means a new beginning a new life is about to unfold.
But not to forget the O level result is about a month away. Wish me luck 🙂

Moving On

there are times in ones life when someone really close to us walks away.. He moves on.. As simple as second thoughts.. But YOU freeze at that point of your life.. You try to get that person back but when you fail to do so you stay frozen at that particular point.. But he does not even bother to glance back.. He goes on with his life.. As if nothing has happened
WHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN : manage to pick yourself up..Do not freeze..Life is short.. Its painful to just forget but yeah you have to.. The other person probably does not even care.. So why punish yourself? because sometimes certain things are not meant to be no matter how hard you try *sigh*

When there is a twist in a story

It seems there are points in life where we must make tough decisions; hard choices that may have impact on us later or even alter our course in life. Now, mind you, I’m not talking life or death decisions, but the choices that make us who we are, that test our ethics, values and even our direction in life.
Sometimes life makes us to stand at crossroads. Sometimes you cannot draw a line between ego and self respect. People whom you thought would be there for you dissapear all of a sudden. Life gets miserable. Everything that had been going pretty much ok starts to fall out. Thats the time you cry. You plead to God.

And then you gain strength and you are a better and a much stronger person!


A levels in so tough! I mean i am starting to feel dumb now. O levels stands in no comparison with it. Requires hell lotta time :/ WORST PART: I still prefer wasting time on movies ._.